“This design looks sad...”

So, I sent my Christmas poster to the Marketing Team for their feedback today. It's November 2021, and we're at the tail end of this turbulent year.

In case no one remembers, it’s the year 2021, and we've endured not one but two COVID-19 waves - that killed more lives than World War II.

So, to lift spirits and spread some much-needed cheer, I decided to create a delightful Christmas tree and some festive lanterns flying around for Tet Holiday in Vietnam. You know, just a gentle reminder that next year is gonna be better than this.

And then, the marketer tells us:

"I don't know, but this design looks sad."

Why did my design make her sad?

Maybe the Christmas tree broke her leg in the past.

Maybe the Lantern burns down her house in the middle of Tet.

I don’t know too, and who am I to judge?

"My bad..." I uttered, not a moment's hesitation. "I’m so... so sorry."

What can you do when your design can evoke that feeling in humans?

It's all your fault,