The Brand

Powder Therapy offers powdered drink mixes and supplements to support health and wellbeing. Their products provide an easy way to get nutrients, antioxidants, and other benefits into your daily routine.


Powder Therapy

Brand Identity, Brand Story, Naming, Brand Message & Communication

The name "Powder Therapy" conveys their mission to provide therapeutic benefits through powdered forms. It also connects to the idea that taking a moment for self-care can be like therapy.

The Design

For the logo, I created a minimal abstract mark using the letter O and a star symbol. The star represents the powder particles, while the O encompasses the brand name. Soft, neutral colors reflect the simplicity and lightness of powders.

For the branding assets and website, I chose the font Maison Neue for its neutral, harmonious qualities. The soothing, relaxed vibe aligns with the brand's therapeutic positioning.

The overall color scheme is green and white, which are associated with health and wellness. The front of the package features a large cross, which is a symbol of health and well-being. The cross is also a nod to the traditional Japanese tea ceremony, in which matcha is often served.

The Result

The final branding has a contemporary, approachable feel that promotes the simplicity and efficacy of Powder Therapy's products. Clean design elements allow the ingredients and benefits to take center stage.

I'm proud to have developed an impactful brand identity and packaging suite to help Powder Therapy make an impression and connect with their audience in a meaningful way. This project showcases my skills in strategic branding and ability to distill a brand's essence into distinctive visual assets.

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