Peanut Planner is a Saigon-based event and wedding planners. Inspired by the idea of the "hidden" nutrition value inside the peanut itself, the team requested to sketch an identity that is both humble and shining in a friendly, elegant way.

Client: Peanut Planner
Brand Identity
HCMC, Vietnam

Taking the idea from the inspirational phrase “two peas ( or two Ps ) in a pod” which is implied as two people or things that are very similar to each other, which I found is also the spirit that Peanut Planner wants to convey to their customers.
Another interesting coincidence is that Peanut Planner also has two letters “P” at the beginning of their name, which sounds similar to the phrase “two Ps in a pod”

To translate their energy into the brand identity, the bubble gum pink and pastel has been chosen to represent their playfulness, youthfulness, and their passion.