"Are you dreaming about sweets again?"

Are you tired of sacrificing your sweet tooth for a healthy lifestyle? Look no further, Dream Sweets has got you covered! The Zero Sugar and Low Calorie Gummy Bears are the perfect solution for anyone who wants to enjoy sweets without the guilt or negative consequences.

Client: Dream Sweets
Brand Identity, Brand Story, Naming, Brand Messaging & Communication

*illustration by Luong Doo

The brand identity was designed with a focus on health, wellness, and joy. The logo is inspired by a mouth and teeth, symbolizing the dream of being able to eat sweets without worries.

Additionally, the choice of a gummy bear made of glass also highlights the key benefit of the product – low calories and zero sugar. The glass-like texture of the gummy bear symbolizes the purity and cleanliness of the product, and reinforces the idea that these sweets are a healthier alternative to traditional sugar-filled gummy bears.

Overall, the visual concept of a gummy bear made of glass serves as a strong visual representation of the brand's promise and values, helping to differentiate Dream Sweets from other sweet brands on the market.