DAWG is an uprising underground rapper in Korean. Coincidently, we met through a friend of mine in Saigon then we decided to collab in his latest EP.
The song was written about an old homie who has changed for fame and money while he keeps asking both himself and that fucker "What's the problem?".

It's a "circle of friends" is burning down and turning to dust.The inner cycle is asking "What's the problem?" with a smiley face. :)

Client: DAWG
EP - Artwork
HCMC, Vietnam


Keep erasin’
Emptyin the mind
fill up the love
for old homies
So fucked up
You keep trippin
What is fame like pal (my friend)

Whats the problem
Whats the problem
Whats the problem
Whats your problem
Whats the problem
Whats the problem
Whats the problem
What the fuck is the problem
Is this how you always been
Look at yourself
It’s all a lie if you
tell me nothing is changed

this might be deep
All the time we breath together
Set it free on sky
What’s important?
wake up.
it aint cool
I don't need to know your feeling
I guess you like em bitches
but still you trippin

Black Ver.

White Ver.

Split Ver.


(+84) 364 505 535